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* Under No Circumstances Are Downloader Programs Allowed In Our Members Areas, You Will Be Locked Out Instantly As We Employ Software To Counteract Downloader Programs For Our Content. Anyone Found Doing So Will Be Locked Out Without Refund. In Joining Our Site You Accept Our Acceptable Usage Policy And These Rules Are Enforceable Under Your Countries Law.
* Do Not Password Trade. Anyone Caught Doing So Will Be Permantently locked Out From Accessing The Members Area. We Employ Software That Monitors Logins, So Please Be Careful, We Advise You NOT to use the same username/password that you use for other sites, likewise choose a user/pass that contains digits and Upper And Lower Case letters that you will not find in a dictionary.

Un-Paralleled Content & Customer Service:
* We believe we offer unrivalled attention to customer service and commitment to quality and enjoyment for all our clients. Furthermore, we know we have the best pantie and upskirt content on the Web and we believe you will think so too...
*Dedicated server for Upskirt PantieView.
*Technical support for clients 24 hours a day
*Hosting on a fibre optic backbone for high speed access, with backup so we never lose our server.
*Secure data centers on oc3 and oc12 lines

Your Safety And Discression At Upskirt PantieViews:
All subscriptions to the members area are secure which means that the information passing between your computer and Our server is encrypted (coded), using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protection.

This means that it cannot be read by a third party during transmission and is therefore safe. Your browser will provide an icon to indicate when you have arrived at our SECURE On-line subsciption page which is a small lock on the bottom taskbar which you see when you give your details on our servers page - the CC BILL Security page.

CCBill screens Your data with our advanced Fraud Screening System. Once Your credit card is approved via our authorization network you are directed to a welcome page. CCBill's system adds your login username and password in real time giving you the ability to enter the site without delay.

You will receive an E-Mail confirming their purchase, and detailing all pertinent information you need to know regarding your account. The charge that appears on Your credit card will be from Credit Card Billing, Inc. LLC.

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